Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Keeping myself busy

Today I've been keeping myself busy messing around with my car, as it has been a nice sunny day I thought I might aswell get out there and do something.

A few months ago I removed the 'Corsa' and '1.4' badges with hot water and a lot of scrubbing, but I couldn't seem to get the big Vauxhall badge off the middle.

Today I got out the hairdryer and proceeded to melt the glue on the back of the badge, and with some fishing wire I kind of sliced through the glue, and ended up with a Vauxhall logo in glue form.

After another session of rubbing all of the glue off, I had a nice smooth back of my car, BUT... I had a big windscreen wiper telling me to take it off...soooooo

I got some tools and took off the panel in the back of my boot to reveal the windscreen wiper motor. I disconnected it from the electrics of the car, and removed the bolt on the rear of the car that held the wiper arm onto the motor. 
After oiling it a little and pulling ALOT, thinking I was going to smash my window or something, I eventually pulled the wiper off.

I unscrewed the bolts inside where the motor was attached to the car, and removed the motor, leaving a big hole in my window.

I used a rubber gromit to seal the hole, and screwed my boot panel back in, and it was finished! Probably the most scary thing I've done to my brand new car, but looks like it worked!

Top is during taking the badges off, bottom is finished result.


  1. Tips for those who wish to do the same?

  2. For the glue, just polish and polish it and will go eventually!

    For removing the windscreen wiper arm, WD40, lots, and just wiggle and pull.

  3. What kind of idiot takes their windscreen wiper off

  4. Next you'll be taking the front ones off

  5. Interesting, haven't done that before myself.

  6. Pimp my Vauxhall! No but seriously it looks pretty good :)

  7. Looks nice and clean :D
    although i'd kind of miss the windshield wiper :x

  8. Looks nice. What else have you done to pimp your car?

  9. looks clean, did that for when i had a mkiv jetta.

  10. Nice! that looks clean. Good job on that

  11. THATS how people do that.
    Pretty awesome blog, mang!