Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Pretty ironic

Well first off I've just finished painting my other brake calliper on my car, it's dried and the wheels back on the car! Sorted.

Now the ironic part, is the song I'm going to post today.

I seriously dislike dubstep remixes of songs that don't work at all, like rock songs and that. Me and my girlfriend are always taking the mick out of one of our friends saying he loves them.

Well anyway, the Foo Fighters have just released their new album which has been due out for a while now, titled 'Wasting Light'

Already, Deadmau5 has done a remix of their current single 'Rope'

I don't really know what to make of it myself, it's got an all right beat to it but don't think the singing fits in still.  


  1. i dont like it. for some songs it works but not for this one

  2. Think I'll stick to making fun of him

  3. Lyrics are never a good thing for Dubstep.

  4. It isn't terrible!

    Now the cover of Bloody Sunday by Trent Resner, that was terrible.

  5. Wow, not bad for a remix of a rock song, I like it!