Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Sub Focus - Timewarp

Today's blog post is about Sub Focus, Timewarp. The past few times I've had the chance at seeing Sub Focus play live I either haven't gone, or haven't enjoyed the experience as much as I should have as his shows are packed full of people who don't actually like drum and bass, and have just heard him on the radio, and don't really understand what goes into a show like his.
In reality, his sets nowadays are all done live, so no cdj's just playing his tracks, he constructs each song there and then using samples and clips and pieces them all together just as he would have done when first creating the tune.

Timewarp is one of my favoruite Sub Focus tracks, released in 2008 on RAM records, Andy C's label. It got to number 92 in the UK chart and number 7 in the UK dance chart.


  1. My favorite sort of Timewarp, to date.

  2. Hm, not really my style but still interesting

  3. I love how sci-fi it sounds.

  4. Big fan of dubstep, but we all have a our little niches within it - the track lacks any real melody, which I understand is the big direction of mainstream dubstep at the moment, but not really my flavor

    Thanks for sharing though!

  5. sub focus and his big circle of lights